Tap into your mystic gifts and cast your magic into the world  

This is a sacred space for modern mystics where we rewrite our stories and push the boundaries on what everyone else thinks is physically impossible.

Come, sit down. Join us in circle. Your life is about to be transformed in ways you can not yet even comprehend. Here we will connect, collaborate and co-create with the women who will become your soul-sister friends and in the process, return you back home to self.

This is sacred womens work! If you are curious as to what happens within our Inner Circle below is a sneak peak of the next level Magic we are weaving every week!


Whether you’re a Seeker of magic, a gifted Healer or an Empath ready to alchemise your energy, make no mistake - your soul led you here!


The World needs us to reactivate our dormant gifts more than ever right now... In order to do this we must release blockages and past life woundings that have have held you back from owning your spiritual power.  By joining Inner Circle you will open up your Higher gifts of healing, psychic abilities channelling, creativity, higher communication & reconnection to your Divinity. 

Together we will journey deeper into the callings of our souls and come to experience life in all its magic and unseen mysteries…

We are here to awaken our purpose and cast our gifts into the world, to manifest real magic and watch as the miracles unfold. As a member you receive ongoing energetic support and activations to ignite your your passion, purpose and destiny

what’s included?

Whether you want to learn crystal healing, shamanism or just plain ol’ ancient magic we'll call that guide in to show us the way!! If you need to learn how to become a marketing magi and money magnet then we’ll be waving our wands and making it happen!

Inside the Inner Circle Portal, you’ll find a lush library of juicy masterclasses and resources including practical tools and channeled guidance to help you take steps to create the spiritual life you crave.

Each week we gather together in online Soul Circles to channel the cosmos and tap into the infinite wonders of the Universe.

…and woman, this is a ride that will literally rock your world and blast you into your Destiny!

Every month you’ll get:

Monthly masterclass

Every month we take a  transformational journey to awaken the mystic within, unleash all your gifts and transform your life in ways that will blow your mind! 

Mystic Circles

Every week we gather online in circle to harness the potent energy and see what magic unfolds. Yep! This is where it is gonna get wild and we get to create miracles!

Soul Support

Your soul sisters are in circle ready to support you - we will have circle support and healing circles

Live Channeling Sessions

Get epic live channeled sessions with Sam and learn how to download your own receive wisdom from your higher self, your guides and direct from the cosmos.

Sacred community

Join a private facebook where we connect on the daily. Combine forces with the women you were destined to meet, and become all that you were destined to be in this lifetime.

Enter the Akashic

FREE access to our Akashic Ascension course and know how to to read the Akashic Records to unleash your infinite potential. Learn how to read the Records for yourself and others! 

And all of this potent magic is combined with a sacred circle of women all travelling their own soul journey ~ but who are here to hold space for yours...

 for just $39 USD a month

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Together we will journey deeper into the callings of our souls and come to experience life in all its magic and unseen mysteries…





Tap into your mystic gifts, connect to your wisdom within on weekly Soul Circles, Monthly Magic masterclasses, rituals, ancient wisdom and sacred practises designed to help you tune into your multidimensional abilities, become a channel and unleash the Mystic your hold within. Its time to expect Miracles always!



Whether you’re a practising soulpreneur or you dream of stepping into sacred service, we’ve got you covered with Monthly Biz Bundles to help you learn to cast your gifts further into the world and heal more people. Healers, you need support too! Step into your Sacred Service and cast your gifts into the Cosmos!  



Embrace your unique gifts during weekly Soul Circles, and alchemise your energy with  Monthly Masterclasses created to empower you and give you the tools and techniques to tune in and harness your own energy so you can turn your sensitivity into your greatest gift! No more hiding, it’s time to turn up your superpowers!


We Are Seekers

Seeker: (noun) she who is in pursuit of her purpose, an understanding of why she is here, and of ways to access her gifts. 

A seeker of truth.

We Are Healers

Healer: (noun): she who dances between realms of seen and unseen, shifting energy for the highest good of the collective

A healer of wounds.

We Are Empaths

Empath: (noun): she who can discern what all others feel, highly attuned, ready to transform innate sensitivity into her greatest gift. 

A holder of space

Since the dawn of time…

Women have been coming together in communion with one another to share their divine gifts and the ancient wisdom that resides within us all. 

And in the modern day, we need that wisdom more than ever. We can no longer afford to let our magic be muted, slowly disappearing and giving way to the mundane. 

It’s time to break free of the old paradigm, rise up as an empowered feminine force, and reclaim our spiritual gifts!

S.H.E. knows that when women gather, epic magic happens. 

And that is why your intuition brought you here. 

Let us support, honour, and hold space for you as you experience the potent power of the sacred S.H.E. Inner Circle.


"S.H.E. crossed my path and was an immediate YES. The first time I saw Sam do a live, it was an immediate YES. Working with Sam was an immediate YES. Sam is for sure a soul sister and that’s how she treats everyone who enters this space. If you feel drawn to inner circle listen to that nudge because there’s something here for you. I honestly believe if you’re reading this, no matter where you are on your own soul journey, people need you and your gifts. So, no matter what, don’t stop seeking what’s meant for you and your crew! We honestly want to see you thrive". 

- H.D Alleman


"This is one of the best groups I could have ever become a part of! I just keep growing and developing and my channelling has increased, and have met spiritual sister’s which we will be linked now forever!" 

Nikki Kaur

Most spiritual communities cater to specific types of mystics...


We are a sacred circle of truth seekers, wound healers and highly attuned empaths all on our own soul path and life mission while also walking alongside you on yours. 

S.H.E. will inspire you, guide you and hold sacred space for you as you crack wide open your own mystic powers and full-blown potential. 

Connect with the women you were destined to meet, and become all that you were destined to be in this lifetime.

Here you’ll find all the practical tools and ancient wisdom you need to help you discover and dance with your purpose - and it’s all waiting for you inside the membership right now. 




Get the resources you need to make your magic more potent

Find the community you crave so you never have to go it alone

Unlock your limitless potential and get back on the path you were meant to travel

S.H.E. has been calling you in

And now that you’re finally here

It’s time to say yes to your soul!