Manifesting Miracles Bundle

Your quantum guide to tap into the magic within

So you can literally expect miracles always

Manifesting Miracles Bundle

Your quantum guide to tap into the magic within

So you can literally expect miracles always


You’re ready to call in your wildest desires with ease.

Because you KNOW miracles are possible and that manifesting works.

You’re just not sure if the universe is listening to *your* requests...

Maybe you’ve been reading all the books, listening to podcasts and making vision boards galore but you’re still waiting for your miracle to arrive...and you’re getting impatient.

Maybe you’ve had some success with manifesting but you’re just not seeing the big life shifts you’ve been craving...and KNOW are possible.

Maybe you’re actually pretty good at manifesting, you often get what you want - just not’d really love to make it more predictable.

Wherever you’re at, I bet you didn’t know that you have the ability to literally bend the laws of the physical plane at will - yep, totally possible.

We all do, but so few of us understand exactly how powerful we truly are!

The Manifesting Miracles Bundle will help you harness your innate power so you can manifest on speed dial!

But this is so much more than your average run-of-the-mill manifesting course…(been there, done that…yawn...)

This is a whole new way of living!

No more chasing after the things you want

No more wishing, hoping and praying it works out

No more let downs and disappointments 

I’ll show you how to become ONE with the things you want so you can have anything you desire. Yes, seriously!


You'll learn how to:

Understand and apply the mindset you need to consistently and deliberately manifest miracles.

Leverage the Universal laws to make your biggest dreams a reality right now.

Infuse your intentions with your soul's essence and bend the laws of the physical plane through your focus and intention alone!

Basically you’ll gain a soul-deep understanding of how manifesting works and the practical tools to expect miracles always!

Are you ready for miracles?


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Can I let you in on a secret?

The reason we fail to manifest our wildest desires is because we secretly believe we don’t deserve to have what we want. The things we *realy* want in life can so often seem out of reach or even impossible. But this is simply not true. You CAN create anything – including miracles – because you are a miracle yourself.

Most people think miracles are rare occurrences but that’s a myth, miracles are available to all of us - you just have to know how to access the magic.

This world is shifting rapidly and right now - more than ever - we are constantly psychically influencing our timeline and the future we are creating for ourselves. We are on this planet in the most incredible time in history with more energy than ever before to support our desires - it's time you knew the immense power and potential you have within!

The Manifesting Miracles Bundle takes you beyond the Law of Attraction to explore ancient lost teachings so you can start creating powerful transformation in your life today.

will help you create real miracles in your world, right now.

Inside the bundle, you’ll get a lush mix of simple and down to earth practises, ancient rituals and energetic activations to help you harness and heighten the creative energy you were born with.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

3 x Masterclasses

  • How manifesting works
  • Expect miracles always
  • Tap into your true magic

Downloadable Workbooks

Each masterclass comes with its own super juicy soul journeying workbook to help you understand exactly what you were born to create.

Sacred Soul Activation

A lush audio to raise your vibration, heal negative thoughts and trapped emotions and bring your highest self into alignment.

The Manifesting Miracles Bundle is perfect for you if: 

  • You want to know how to leverage the law of attraction and become a magnet for miracles  
  • You not only want to get what you WANT, but you also want to know how to extract the GIFT out of what you get and what you already have
  • You’d love to create in alignment with your higher self so you manifest at lightning speed and quantum leap into the next version of you



Here are some miracles people have already experienced... 


Because of the energy and your words. It felt like touching home. You are truly amazing. Your gift is simply incredible... An amazing experience I wish for everyone. I'll never forget.

Kim Breed


It unlocked so much for me! Forever grateful for you.

Jennifer Sides

Where INTENTION goes MAGIC flows

Don’t miss your chance to become a master manifestor.


Still have questions?

to replace the burden of uncertainty with unshakable trust and surrender.

to replace the burden of uncertainty with unshakable trust and surrender.

Meet the miracle messenger

Hi, I’m Sam - intuitive collaborator, marketing magic maker and founder of S.H.E a global community of seekers, healers and empaths. In 2019, I began channeling and tapping into hidden laws of the universe. I discovered ancient wisdom practises that I never would have believed were real. I was only just learning to understand energy back then and was literally seeing miracles on the daily. Since then I’ve taught 1000s of women around the world how to connect to their higher self, access their gifts and unleash their multi dimensional magic…I’m so glad you’re here, sister.



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will help you to see all of the miracles that already surround you, as well as the ability to create incredible miracles on a daily basis.